Linsey P.

Linsey P.

LOVE this place!
Tim rocks 🙂 My girl friends and I showed up with a concept, and he turned it into a reality. It was my first tattoo, and I felt comfortable, and he took good care of me along the way. I also got my nose pierced, and it looks perfect.
I will certainly be back, and recommend this great place to my friends!

Kim W.

This shop is the best! They fixed a tattoo for me that another shop completely messed up. I didn’t think there was any hope for fixing it but it looks perfect now. The staff make you feel at home and are very welcoming. I recommend this shop out of the entire dmv area.

Stephanie B. Testimonial

Stephanie B.

I cannot recommend this shop highly enough! From the excellent work that the dedicated artists do to the laid back and relaxed atmosphere, getting a tattoo from this shop is a wonderful experience. I got work done to my arm from Dixer, great work at a very reasonable price. I plan to go back soon, and I wouldn’t even consider going to any other shop. Love, Love, LOVE this shop!


Ivonne D. Testimonial about Storyteller Tattoo Salon

Ivonne D.

I have to say BEAR did an amazing piece just the other day!!! He drew it out the night before and when he presented me the stencil the following day I was amazed at his art work. Thanks so much Bear and YES “I’ll be back”!!

Sarah M.

I set up an appointment and the artist was there on time, the appointment went great, everything was incredibly clean and I left very happy with my tattoo! It happened a few weeks ago and I’m still happy with it 🙂 Definitely would go back 🙂

Thomas G.
Took my daughter in to the shop today to get her ears pierced. She’s 7 and these were her first ear piercings. Bear and Danny did an incredible job. They took their time explaining everything and making the experience for my daughter manageable. There were barely any tears. Shop looks great. Will recommend StoryTeller to my friends.

Eric G.

Just got done with a piece a week ago by Bear. Absolute brilliant art and a comfortable environment at the shop. I along with my family and friends go here, couldn’t recommend it more.

Sarah W.

Awesome place… Love everyone there. They do a great job on tattoos. R.I.P. Tim, got my first tattoo from him. 

Blair M.
I moved to Virginia within the last year and decided to get another tattoo. I started like many others would and searched the internet. I read reviews after reviews and looked at countless portfolios. I narrowed it down to a few places and then I asked a fried where he went and he mentioned Storyteller Tattoo. They happened to be on my shortlist so I decided to make an appointment. When I first walked in, the place was clean and professionally ran. Everyone was courteous and I truly felt like a customer and not an annoyance.Jay was my artist and not only humorous, but he is a great tattoo artist. While I was there several others received tattoos and all seemed like quality work. The most amazing part of the experience was the level of integrity that I saw from the staff. The owner, Tim, leads by example when a under 18 year old came in with her parent. She wanted a tattoo on her wrist and Tim refused to do it, stating that is something that can follow you. He explained that you might as well get a full sleeve since you cannot hide a wrist tattoo. Not having weighed all the options, the teen was grateful. Tim also carried the same level of integrity with piercings.If you’re not sure on what you want, I suggest you visit them and have a discussion. They are very insightful and courteous. I would highly recommend them to all.

Alexandria H.
Awesome service! Great place to go

Google User Reports….
….hands down the best tattoo shop in prince William county. i have had work down by a few artist who work at storyteller tattoo and every piece i have gotten is incredible. great lines great color. its a very friendly environment. i highly recommend going there and getting your INK done…. i cant wait to get my next tattoo from storyteller tattoo….

Another Google User says…
Scott just finished doing my sleeve and its incredible. His Lines are so clean and straight. Ive been getting tattoos for 16 years now and have not seen nice straight, clean lines like this really anywhere. Scott is the MAN. Couldn’t be any happier with it. Anyone think about going here i would really recommend this shop. I love the open studio. Everyone there is very friendly and great to talk to.
I can’t wait to get another tat from here!

Jay S.
Great shop, Clean work. Will be back for sure.

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