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Storyteller Tattoo Studio | Northern Virginia's Premier Tattoo & Body Art Studio™ | Copyright© 2011 All Rights Reserved
Phone: 703-688-2808
6870 Wellington Road, Manassas, VA 20109
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Storyteller Tattoo Events:
Custom Portraits
Body Piercing
Tattoo portrait's are an artistic
representation of a person, in which the
face and its expression is predominant. The
intent is to display the  personality, and  the
mood of the person.
Dermal Piercing, Ear Piercing, Nose
Piercing, Piercing of the Nose, Lip and
Tongue, Nipple Piercing, Naval Piercing, and
Genital Piercing.
Old School  "Traditional",
New School  "Contemporary",
Biomechanical "Biomech",
Borneo Tribal, traditional Japanese tattoo,
Black and gray, black, tonal tattoo,
Chinese character tattoos, Tribal tattoos,
Pin-up, Portrait, Celtic,Typographic
Storyteller Tattoo Studio™ | Northern Virginia's Premier Tattoo & Body Art Studio™ • Copyright © 2011 All Rights Reserved
No one likes to admit they made a mistake.
But many of us have made them and
unfortunately mistakes made in ink are
permanent Now you have been looking at the
aftermath of those choices for too long and it’
s time to do something about it. So how do
tattoo cover ups work? What designs work
best and are there some tattoos that simply
can not be covered?
Tattoo Artist: Jay
Tattoo Artist: Tim
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